Your Prayer Request

We welcome you to the prayer room.

This is a new service available to all people who need pray. You can send prayer requests, testimonies of God’s power and any comment that is useful to God’s people. Everybody is welcome and we will try to do everything we can to support your prayer needs with our pray to the Almighty GOD.

I need YOU. I pray to YOU.
I need YOU. I pray to YOU.

Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!

Please bear in mind these important points when sending us a Prayer Request:

  • Keep the request short and concise.   This helps us to ensure that we can attend to as many requests as possible.
  • We do not reply to Prayer Requests in writing as we have no access to e-mail addresses.  Our staff will tend to your request, but they cannot respond to you personally.
Prayer opens the sky...
Prayer opens the sky...

3 thoughts on “Your Prayer Request

  1. I ask that you pray for my wifes heart to be soften. That she may see through these rough times. I ask that you pray for me to be come employed. Thank You. “Tess Family”

  2. Please pray for this full gospel tabernacle church of nepal because we don’t have won church building.We have taken the house of Hindus sometime we have very difficult in the fellowship. If we will bye the church land we can make the boulding for the glory og god .Please we ned the U S D 50000.But we have 10000 U S D.Please pray for the church land for te glory of God.Nepal have more than 90 % are Hindu please If we have won church very easy to and blessing also.
    Pastor raju from Nepal

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